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W e l c o m e to the Richlands Professional Building!

The Richlands Professional Building is a wholly owned property of Capital Investment Properties, LLC.  This modern day structure is a mixed tenant facility located in downtown Richlands, Virginia, which houses corporate businesses, perfessional tenants, Efficiency Appartments and STUDENT DORMITORIES


The building is a central focal point in beautiful downtown Richlands, Virginia.  It is centrally located with access to all town amenities including shopping, dining, and business locales. 














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If you are looking for the perfect office space that will exude professionalism at a glance, The Richlands Professional Building is the place to locate.  The stately appearance of this glass and steel structure will help establish your corporate image like nothing else. 


Please take a few moments to view the photos on the site and get to know the Richlands Professional Building!  Should you have any questions, please contact us!  We will be happy to discuss your tenancy needs and to tailor the perfect office space for you in the Richlands Professional Building! 


A Wholly Owned Property of Capital Investment Properties, LLC.









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